Generate Reports


Before generating insightful reports with our AI Data Analyst, make sure you have created/uploaded/connected a Data Source. For your data sources ensure the data schema is in english as Turbular is not designed to work with non english data schemas and performance may be heavily degraded. While the schema needs to be in english, individual data points can be in whatever language you choose. For example, you have uploaded a Excel File about sales data in german, naming the columns of the file "Order Date","Order Value","City" is fine, while using german columns like "Bestelldatum", "Verkaufswert", "Stadt" would lead to degraded results.

Writing a Report

Turbular provides you with a standard document editor. In here you can write text, create headlines, bullet points and all other standard operations commonly associated with text editors. Uniquely Turbular supports you writing efforts with our AI Data Analyst.

AI Writing Assistants

Using the Plus symbol a new interface open displaying all the operations our AI Data Analyst can provide for you Use Turbular's AI tools when writing your report Please note that the content of the AI Data Analyst will be generated starting in the row in which you clicked on the Plus symbol. Using AI Write our AI Data Analyst will start generating a section for you based on an instruction you provide to him and provided data sources. The field AI Visualization and AI Table instructs our AI Data Analyst to generate a visualization or table in a similar manner to the corresponding operations in Dashboard Feature.

Supported Languages

Unlike other Turbular products for reports our AI analyst only supports the following language:

  • English