Connecting BigQuery with Turbular


Before you can connect Turbular to your BigQuery Data warehouse you first need a Google Cloud Platform account and the privileges to create the service account with BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery User permissions.

Step 1: Create Credentials for a Service Account

  1. Sign in to your BigQuery account and then go to the Credentials page of the Google Cloud Platform API Manager.
  2. Make sure you have selected the correct BigQuery Project (in this tutorial we use "Example Project"). First step in setting up credentials
  3. Select "+Create credentials" and then select "Service account". Create Credentials

Step 2: Grant a Service Account Access to Your Project

  1. Enter a name like "Turbular Service Account" in the "Service Account Name" field and then select "Create and Continue". Create Turbular service account
  2. Turbular needs permissions to edit your dataset contents and run jobs using your project. Grant the Service Account both of these predefined roles:
  • BigQuery Data Editor
  • BigQuery User Add permissions to service account
  1. Skip the optional user access step and select Done.
  2. You should now see a new service account in the list at the bottom of the Credentials page. Displayed service account is now visible

Step 3: Create a Service Account Credential File (JSON File)

  1. In the Google Cloud Credentials page, select the address for the service account that you just created. Select service account address
  2. From your service account "DETAILS" tab, select the "KEYS" tab.
  3. Click on "ADD KEY" and then select "Create new key" Add key to service account
  4. Choose the "JSON" and then select "Create". Select JSON type key
  5. A JSON key file is downloaded to your computer. Select Close. Inspect downloaded JSON key

Step 4: Connect Turbular to your BigQuery

  1. Log in to Turbular and head over to the Datasource page and click on "Add Source" Log into and enter the datasource page
  2. Then the Data source type form will open. Click on "Database" Add a bigquery instance as a datasource
  3. In the "Select type" field pick BigQuery. Then in "Database settings" enter:
  • Project - enter the ID of your BigQuery project
  • Dataset - enter the name of the project’s dataset

Finally, upload the previously generated JSON File via the "Keyfile" field Upload bigquery key file